Creative Story Visuals: Blog en-us Creative Story Visuals [email protected] (Creative Story Visuals) Mon, 20 Nov 2023 19:22:00 GMT Mon, 20 Nov 2023 19:22:00 GMT Creative Story Visuals: Blog 80 120 My dog won't........ As a pet photographer I hear so many pet owners tell me they would love to do a photo session but their dog won't_______ you fill in the blank. 

My dog won't sit. 

My dog can not be off leash. 

My dog is hyper. 

My dog is lazy. 

My dog won't look at the camera. 

Ok... I get it!!! Not only am I a dog photographer, but I have a dog.  We have an Alaskan Malamute. Guess what, He won't sit, he won't look at a camera, he can not be off leash and he's lazy.  I get it!!! My dog covers everyone of those and more (I'm just not going to bore you with all that my dog won't do!!!). 

Here's the secret.... I doesn't matter. If you are willing to let me spend the time with your pet, get to know them and work together..... you maybe surprised what we as a team can accomplish! 

I'm going to give you examples of dogs that I have photographed and the ones that don't "make the cut" and show you what always happens when I do a photoshoot.   

Here is the perfect example of what most photos look like when I get home! Seriously! 95% of my photos look like this or a big blur. Getting your dog to sit and pose is like getting a toddler to sit and pose.  It may happen, more than likely they are going to want to play or eat.  

Most dogs can not be off leash. Teddy was in his backyard. This is actually one of my favorite things to do. Meet you at your house or a park that you and your dog go to often. When they are comfortable, it allows us to bond and capture some great moments. 

Here's sweet little Izzy! Perfect example of a dog that has to be on a leash. This photo was taken while her mom was on a cruise and my son, Colby and I were walking her.  I went inside to grab my camera and snapped some photos of her.  Colby is walking her and I simply edit him and the leash out.  

I hope this helps! We love our babies and I totally understand this. My number one concern while being on a photoshoot is safety and then fun. If your baby is safe, then let the fun come naturally.  Timeless portraits that capture who your pup is when they are just with you, is what I'm looking for.  

As a team, it will take time, but together, we will be able to create memories you will always have. 

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Thoughts on Alzheimer's Walk How many events do you see and read about and think, WOW!! That's really a great event and needed for so many people? Well, the Alzheimer's Walk is that for me. I have two Aunts that have Alzheimer's and one that passed away from it. You would think this would be very important to me. But, If I can be real and transparent with you, it's something I haven't wanted to talk about or even engage.  It scares me. It something I want to avoid and pretend it doesn't exist.  When Robert told me we were volunteering for it, my first thoughts...."Dogs and kids will be there, of course, it will be fun!"

See!! Cute kids and a dog in the background!!!  It's gonna be GREAT!!!! 

But then, I started walking around and looking and watching and wondering.  Then I found the Garden and I learned what the flowers represented. 

Yellow: caregivers for someone with Alzheimer’s. 
Orange: supporting the Alzheimer’s Association. 
Blue: Living with Alzheimer’s. 
Purple: lost someone to Alzheimer’s. 
White: this is new flower and it represents hope…. Hope for a cure. 

I watched family members, children put flowers in the garden in memory of their “Lulu”. Flowers representing that they were currently caring for someone with Alzheimer’s. 

I watched walkers raise flowers that represented why they were there. 

I saw people walking with flowers holding them up to show that even though this disease is apart of their life they are there fighting for hope, fighting for a cure. 

I was reminded these people have a story and I get to share it through the lens of my camera. It reminded me that even though we may have a disease or an illness it doesn’t define us. It’s a part of us. I saw families walking together. Co-workers showing up together to fight for a cure. 
And guess what, it was great. It reminds me that my family is not alone. That together there is hope and hopefully one day the only flowers that will be represented will be white. 

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Kat and John Engament I meet people all the time with photography. Most of the time we have great conversations and then we go along our way. Occasionally, those chance meetings turn into a friendship with a lot of laughs and being a part of big moments in their lives.

Kat and I met as I was working for the MiLB team she was the Assistant GM for. Her boyfriend, now fiancé, and I connected immediately. I would be standing off by myself and John would come and stand with me while I was working. We talked about life. politics, sports and almost anything else under the sun.

A great Summer of working with Kat and talking with John lead to being a part of one of the biggest days of their life. We spent an amazing day at a location none of us had ever been to before and captured some amazing engagement photos. A pandemic postponed a wedding we will be a part of sometime in the next year. 

A random meeting, leading to a friendship, that has created some amazing memories. What I love the most, is that this is just the beginning. 

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Chantal, Jacob and Baby Addison Meet my sweet friend, Chantal...... Ok, I need to clarify something I met Chantal through our oldest son, Landon. He did a show with her, Godspell. I remember him coming home one night and telling me I HAD to meet her. I did....... and I our bond has grown since that very first day.  We are both introverted so we get each other. Chantal and Jacob are both are Steeler fans (didn't hold that against them) and Addison with be a math genius thanks to her mom!  I'm can't wait to watch this sweet couple grow as the become parents. Baby Addison is due April 9th and I couldn't be more excited. 

Chantal & Jacob MaternityBaby Addison Chantal & Jacob MaternityBaby Addison Chantal & Jacob MaternityBaby Addison Chantal & Jacob MaternityBaby Addison Chantal & Jacob MaternityBaby Addison Chantal & Jacob MaternityBaby Addison

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Layton and Lizzie    TWINS!!!! My first photo session with TWINS!!!! This was also my first time meeting their mom, Wendy. My favorite part of photography is getting to know the family and spending time talking to them. The moment I walked in and met Wendy I knew this was going to be a special moment. Layton and Lizzie are 3 months old and VERY different. The bond between these two was very obvious during the whole session and I was able to capture just a small portion of it. 

Wendy's life as a single mom isn't easy. She told me she finally had a reason to live and it's because of these two precious babies. Wendy owes her life to Rhonda, her social worker. Rhonda has helped Wendy find a home, take care of the babies and even offered a place for Wendy and the babies to stay when their neighborhood flooded at the beginning of March. I was able to see so much hope and peace while talking to Wendy. I'm looking forward to staying in touch with Wendy and watching her grow as a mom. 

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